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Athens under coronavirus, spectacular views (vid)

Greeks are overwhwlmingly commited to the government's regulations for a lockdown, despite a few who continue to evade the ban on outdoor activities.

This has led to all major urban centers becoming abandoned spaces, especially Athens home to more than 4 million people has turned into a deserted city reminiscent of some p-ost-apocalyptic movie.

Yet, empty athens reveals itself in all its splendor devoid of the frienzied crowds going about their daily chores.

A video posted on the internet courtesy of Associated Press has been going viral among Hellenes in Greece and abroad, and is carried by the euronews, youtube channel.

Enjoy a view of Athens as you've never seen it before.

  • Published in Greece

Athens public transport services cut down due to low passenger traffic

The Athens Urban Transport Organisation (OASA) on Thursday announced that it is suspending after-midnight services on the Athens metro and Athens tram while reducing the frequency of public transport services of all types during the day due to the massive drop in passenger traffic, which fell by 70 percent in recent days.

  • Published in Greece
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