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Προσεχώς ...γάμος

Επιβεβαίωσε και επισήμως ο Τζορτζ Κλούνει τον γάμο του με την αγαπημένη του Αμάλ Αλαμουντίν από την Φλωρεντία όπου παρευρέθηκε σε φιλανθρωπικό δείπνο.

Tsipras meets Gerry Adams in Dublin

Main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras met with local community and leftist movement Sinn Fein representatives as he wrapped up his visit to Dublin

  • Published in Greece

Clooney takes on London mayor over Marbles

The row over the return of the Parthenon Marbles that has pitted Hollywood star George Clooney, of known activist fame with British authorities and media is escalating, albeit on a tangent.

  • Published in Greece
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