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Tsipras meets Gerry Adams in Dublin

Main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras met with local community and leftist movement Sinn Fein representatives as he wrapped up his visit to Dublin


"The nomination of Alexis Tsipras for the Presidency of the European Commission is a political fact of the utmost importance", stressed the historic leader of the Irish party Sinn Féin , Gerry Adams, during his meeting with the President of SYRIZA party and candidate the CRL for the presidency of the European Commission in Dublin, Ireland.

Under the two-day tour of Ireland's capital, Alexis Tsipras identified the economic, social and cultural dimensions of the economic crisis and the problems caused by the implementation of the Memorandum, while, he also called for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures to Athens.

During the meeting with Jerry Adams and representatives of Sinn Féin leadership, both sides underlined the great importance of the increase of European Left parties and their role in European politics. Sinn Fein, which is involved in the European United Left (GUE / NGL), is, according to the Irish polls in second place for the elections, with the rate reaches 22% .
Alexis Tsipras spoke also at a conference organized by the European Network "transform! europe" and the University of Dublin. At the end of his speech , Alexis Tsipras responded to questions raised by the attendees about issues beyond the political context.

The president of SYRIZA signaled the fair demand for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures, and that the crisis is not only economic, but simultaneously cultural and moral : " In London there is another museum of Acropolis " noted the head of SYRIZA while he praised the positive initiative of famous American actor George Clooney recently for the same cause.

Tsipras visited a Dublin suburb and spoke with residents coping with the effects of the austerity policy mostly affecting the vulnerable social groups and the young, as well as the sectors of health, education and sports, and met with representatives of the Socialist Party.

The SYRIZA leader met with representatives of the Greek community in Ireland, numbering roughly 1,000 members, who described the situation they experience in the country, comparing it with what is taking place in Greece.