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FM Dendias in surprise visit to Libya

Arab media reported that Nikos Dendias is visiting Benghazi today to meet with National Libyan Army leader Khalifa Haftar. The government has not officially confirmed this, but the foreign minister made the trip. This visit had been preceded by Mr. Dedia's previous visits to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Jordan.

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Is there another reason for Turkish haste in Libya: Is Russian involvement judging the conflict?

Strategically, the landscape on the Libyan front is now odder than before, with the latest developments raising serious suspicions that the Turkish movement in cooperation with the “Tripoli government” of Saraj may have accelerated their MoU in order to prevent imminent developments in Libya, driven by the support that Russian mercenaries have given Khalifa Haftar’s forces in recent months, tightening the noose around Tripoli. This inevitably complicates Greece’s options…

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