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What causes hail in Greece in the summer

Intense instability is expected to prevail in the new week in much of the country, according to forecasts of the National Observatory of Athens / meteo.gr. Thunderstorms will occur which in places will be accompanied by hail. On the occasion of this development, meteorologists explain where the hailstorms are attributed at this time.

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Bad weather “sweeps” through western Greece – Flooded houses & shops

Heavy rains and thunderstorms have hit the country from the early hours of the morning.

The bad weather first hit western Greece, where, according to meteo.gr, rain and thunderstorms occur locally, while the island of Corfu has been hit by severe weather too.

In the early afternoon Athesn was hit with golf ball sized hail, as the storm moved eastward.

Heavy rain also affected Mesolongi and Ilia.


  • Published in Greece
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