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Storm "Daedalus" hits Greece with hail and extreme weather phenomena

Storm "Daedalus" continues to hit the country with extreme weather phenomena, which occurred during the night in Fthiotida, Katakolo Ilia and Marathon.

Hail occurred in all of the above areas. Especially in Fthiotida it was so intense that they needed snowplows to clean the streets, while the port of Katakolo was white from the hail.

In Fthiotis, the biggest problems occurred shortly after 9:30 pm. on Tuesday, in the locality of Lokros, in particular between Livanates and Arkitsa, where heavy hail caused great traffic problems on the highway.

According to the lamiareport website, on kilometer 155 of the highway vehicles were stranded, including trucks, while traffic police were trying to alert drivers who would use the road. Police stopped traffic on purpose, while the traffic until midnight had not been fully restored.

Strong storms also occurred in the area of ​​Martino and Larymna, but no problems were recorded.

Daedalus also hit Katakolo Ilia, where on Tuesday evening there was strong hail in the harbor and even to such an extent that the roadway was completely covered!

It is noted that very strong hail occurred in the area, while vehicle traffic problems were recorded.