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INIOCHOS 2021 exercise spans all of Greek airspace (video)

The multinational interdisciplinary exercise "ΙNIOCHOS 21" is in full swing, which takes place throughout the Athens FIR range with the participation of Rafale and Mirage 2000D fighters from France, F-16 from the United Arab Emirates, F / A 18 Hornet from Spain, and F-15s and F-16s from Israel.

The United States has sent F-16s, MQ-9 drones and KC-135 flying tankers. Canada is participates with the CGI - Air Weapon Managers system, while Cyprus has sent an AW 139 helicopter. Five more countries are participating as observers: Austria, Egypt, Jordan, Romania and Slovenia.

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INIOCHOS 2021 exercise brought together fighters from six nations to Greek skies (vid)

Impressive and perhaps more impressive "elephant walks" have definitely taken place around the world and especially in the USA. The rarity of the event that took place in the framework of the INIOCHOS 2021 exercise, consists in the fact that in addition to the large number of fighters that participated (30 aircraft), it also included nine different types.

  • Published in Greece
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