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National Geographic's "green" list with three Greek islands

Astypalaia, Naxos and Ios are on the green list of Greek destinations of the Spanish-language National Geographic entitled "the islands that want to be free".

According to the magazine, Astypalaia, Naxos and Ios are three examples of islands that, despite their incomparable beauty, have successfully resisted the "sirens' song" of mass tourism.

The reference to Astypalea

Regarding Astypalaia, the magazine reports that the 1,300 inhabitants of the small beautiful island together with the Municipality prove that a "green" way of life is possible. Electric vehicles are replacing traditional public transport and private vehicles, the network of charging stations is expanding and an e-car sharing service is already operating.

Naxos and Ios

According to the article, the Municipality of Naxos & Small Cyclades has made clear its intention to change course towards alternative forms of tourism, such as hiking and cycling. Ariadne's island is blessed with an impressive coastline, fertile and bright valleys, historical monuments and a "mythical" mountain, Mount Zas. Finally, the magazine praises the efforts of the Municipality of Ieton in saving the most valuable commodity on Greek islands, water. Recently the enchanting island received an award for the "intelligent" management of water resources, while a large program of planting new trees and flowering plants was completed.

"In Ios, we are planning the next day based on concerns about the environment, culture and special forms of tourism, so that together with the beaches, entertainment and gastronomy, we will be a model destination offering many charming contrasts", stated Gikas Gikas, the mayor of Ios, .

"Astypalaia is constantly evolving into a combined travel experience of sustainability and authenticity that has given a new identity and impetus to the Aegean butterfly", the mayor of Astypalaia, Nikos Komineas pointed out.

"Our narrative about Naxos, as the only island in the Cyclades with such a wide variety of alternative activities, is impressive, with the tourist flows continuing even after August", explained the deputy mayor of Tourism of Naxos and Small Cyclades, Vangelis Katsaras.

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Greek cities that are already "smart"

An electronic application that frees the hands of those who want to play sports, as with a "click" they can select the field and the date on which they want to play on it. Preventive parking system for disabled places. Digital platform exclusively for school principals in which they submit their requests for technical issues of the schools…

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The filming of the international television production "My Greek Odyssey" on Ios (vid)

Ios was at the center of international television production a few days ago with the support of the municipality of Ios, as emphasized in a relevant announcement.

The TV crew of the program "My Greek Odyssey" visited the Cycladic island of Homer, in order to make long shootings for the new cycle of the series.

The popular travel show "My Greek Odyssey" from Australia with the presenter Peter Maneas is shown internationally on television networks, but also in 45 English-speaking countries such as USA, England, Australia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Spain, Greece and elsewhere.

At the same time, other productions abroad, according to the municipality, have expressed their interest in shooting on the island in order to convey to the TV audience the summer aura, the quality and safety of the destination, comments the Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the island, Antonis Mettos.

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