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Half a century since the military coup

Exactly half a century has passed since April 21, 1967. The date marks the anniversary of one of the darkest moments in modern Greek history. 50 years ago a group of Colonels seized political power by force, imposing a brute military junta on Greece for the following 7 years.

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Alekos Panagoulis' last Mayday

On 1 May 1976 a frantically speeding car with a Corinthian named Stefas behind the wheel, dashing on Vouliagmenis avenue in the Agios Stefanos neighborhood, forced another vehicle off the road and onto an embankment, where it crashed. The passenger of the second vehicle was none other than politician, poet, and junta resistor Alexandros Panagoulis. The 36 year old Panagoulis was killed almost instantly.

  • Published in Greece
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