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Polylimnio, the hidden treasure of Messinia (vid)

One of the most famous destinations of the Peloponnese for nature-lovers is located in the Prefecture of Messinia and more specifically near the village of Kazarma, on the route from Kalamata to Pylos, and its special name foreshadows exactly what you are going to meet once you are there. Our friend Marinos Charalampopoulos gives us a brief view of this unique setting.

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Run Messinia honors the 200 years since the Greek Revolution

The Messinian land, with its special place for the Greek Revolution of 1821, through historical battles, great heroes and fighters, is reborn 200 years later, through Run Messinia. The historic event will take place on October 2-11, 2021 in 8 Municipalities of Messinia, Laconia and Arcadia and will include a total of 10 marathons, within 10 consecutive days. (photo by Elias Lefas)

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