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Pensioners sue Labor Minister over excessive delays in awarding pensions

A suit to the Prosecutor of the District Court of Athens was tendered by ENDYSIS (United Pensioners Network), against the leadership of the Ministry of Labor and minister Efi Achitsoglou and the administrators of the social security fund EFKA and the Unified Auxiliary Fund, denouncing that the pensions are not intentionally paid by the government so it cancreate a very high surplus to show lenders.

  • Published in Greece

Budget inspectors due in Athens Sept 10

Budget inspectors are due in Athens next week to get an update on the country's fiscal and economic situation, a European Commission official said on Tuesday.

  • Published in Greece

IMF head: Pensions in Greece too high

Amid increasing scenarios that the IMF is considering participating in the Greek bailout programme, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is meeting with IMF Chief Executive Christine Lagarde in Davos, Thursday.

  • Published in Greece
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