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Photo exhibition on Veria's flowering peach tree festival to be held in Thessaloniki

The annual photography competition that started in 2017 to help promote Veria's annual peach blossom festival, has helped spread images of the enchanting sea of blossoms as far away as distant Japan, the country that first inspired the festival with its own cherry blossom orchards. Taking the next step, the Veria Tourism Association (TOB) is now organising an exhibition of the photographs in the city of Thessaloniki, to help further promote the region's peach blossom season.

  • Published in Greece

Migrants desecrate churches and icons in Thessaloniki

“Every night, my girl, they go and destroy by scratching the image of Our Lady. It has happened many times ”, thus begins the story of Aphrodite Latinopoulou on Facebook. She was referring to the icon of the Virgin Mary, in the chapel of the Church of the Holy Mother of God in Kamara Thessaloniki.

  • Published in Greece
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