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Trikala to pilot use of 'delivery droids' in its city centre

The Greek city of Trikala will be the first ever in Europe to pilot the use of fully automated 'delivery droids', through the collaboration of e-Trikala, the University Research Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (EPISEY) and the University of Geneva within the European programme SHOW.

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Trikala gastronomy with the brand name "Meteorisimo"

The area of Trikala, with its rich attractions and unparalleled natural landscape, is a unique travel destination with a multitude of options for leisure, sightseeing and activities. But those who find themselves in the area have the opportunity to get to know one more special side of it, its unique flavors.

The wide variety of raw materials available in the area, the cultural influences it received due to its geographical location and the diversity of its soil gave the wider area of Trikala its own nutritional and culinary identity. The rich agricultural and livestock products of the region and the local processing, with respect for tradition as well as know-how, offer the quality and distinct identity of the raw materials. The people of Trikala used to always use these special raw materials in their kitchen and they continue to do so today, with passion and love, offering the special Trikala dishes.

Today in Trikala, gastronomy has its own distinct brand name "Meteorisimo", through which the culinary culture is connected with local products and modern gastronomy. Meteorisimo was born, on the initiative of the Chamber of Trikala and its president Vassilis Giagiakou with the aim of presenting and disseminating Trikala gastronomy and locally produced products.

4. Ντολμαδάκια με Ταχίνι

The culinary wealth of Trikala, born in the roots of Meteora and the mountains, is highlighted through the certified collective mark and the actions of "Meteorisimo". The recording and presentation of traditional Trikaline dishes with a centuries-old tradition, the unique Monastic cuisine of Meteora, the special ingredients and the method of their preparation become known to the general public.

"Meteorisimo", has its own business network with the participation of professionals in the prefecture. This includes, following relevant certification, local producers, retail stores and restaurants with special markings in their catalogs. The visitor here can find and enjoy the flavors and aromas of "Meteorisimo".

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On every route in the prefecture, in Kalambaka and Meteora, in the town of Trikala in its mountain villages, in the plain, you have the opportunity to enjoy home-made food, well-cooked local meats, Trikala sausage and Trikala pies, traditional sweets, excellent quality wines and local tsipouro as well as monastic dishes that follow the tradition of the monks of Meteora.

Follow the route through the place, time and soul of the people who sculpted the relief of the Trikala region's culinary identity on the plate by combining the pure ingredients and products of the Trikala land with passion and tradition. Visit the prefecture of Trikala for an unforgettable culinary tourism experience.

For more information and seasonal flavors visit the website meteorisimo.com


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Greek cities that are already "smart"

An electronic application that frees the hands of those who want to play sports, as with a "click" they can select the field and the date on which they want to play on it. Preventive parking system for disabled places. Digital platform exclusively for school principals in which they submit their requests for technical issues of the schools…

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