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What do the US presidential candidates think about Turkey?

March 3 was the most important day for the rival Democrats ahead of the presidential elections, Super Tuesday. 14 states chose who they would like to contend against Donald Trump this November.

While the candidates have important and diverse views regarding domestic policy, we should not forget about their foreign policy programs. For instance, what do the current candidates think about Turkey?

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Reconciliation with Turkey should only come with a price

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is threatening to fight the Syrian army directly if Syrian President Bashar Assad does not stop his assault on Idlib, the last major zone controlled by the Syrian opposition. While Erdogan imagined himself a master tactician, he is now learning that it was Russian President Vladimir Putin who played him. Erdogan discarded decades of alliance with the United States for a brief fling, only to discover Putin’s professions of love were for more limited aims.

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Greek products excluded from revised US tariffs list against EU

Olive oil and all related products, as well as cheeses and wines exported by Greece to the United States will remain unaffected by the US tariff regime imposed on the EU products, according to a revised list of products under the US sanctions decision of February 15 issued by the US Department of Commerce.

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