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B. Coronakis: "The European Union Must Survive..."

The past, present and the future of the European Union was examined by Greek-Belgian journalist, Basil Coronakis's new book, "The Deep State of Europe". The journalist shared his views about the European Union through the scope of the immigration crisis, the EU enlargement, the security measures, human rights, the quality of political leadership, and the "Macedonia" name dispute. Basil Coronakis gave a compelling interview to New Greek TV's journalist, Despina Afentouli, about his book.

Ch. Xenos: “Greek cooking is healthy and approachable”

From her grandmother's Greek cuisine to personal chef services in Los Angeles, U.S.A, the second generation Greek-American chef, culinary and travel writer, Christina Xenos, gave an interview to New Greek TV's journalist, Despina Afentouli, about her new cook book, her professional achievements, and how she managed to keep it Greek in the U.S.A.

Ο τυφώνας "Σάντυ"...σε ένα βιβλίο

Ένα περιοδικό με εικόνες που κατέγραψε μια ομάδα "τολμηρών" φωτογράφων κατά την διάρκεια, αλλά και κατόπιν, του τυφώνα Σάντυ, αναμένεται να κυκλοφορήσει με αφορμή την συμπλήρωση ενός χρόνου από το καταστροφικό φαινόμενο.

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