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Boston firm "invests" in Turkish-occupied Cyprus

While the northern part of Cyprus remains under the boot of Turkish occupation, the Boston real estate development company DND Homes annouced it has established a corporate entity on the Turkish-Cypriot occupied northern third of the island – just ahead of the 50th anniversary of Turkish invasions – and build 30,000 homes there.

Dendias to diaspora: Let's gather all the forces of Hellenism

The need "to change, to adapt, to reform, to develop", as "our country is at a very important crossroads, we are living in very difficult times", pointed out the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Dendias, in his greeting at an event in his honor, organized by the Consulate General of Greece in Boston, on the occasion of his visit to the USA - as a guest of the celebrations for the national anniversary of March 25, 1821 - connecting his presence with "the enormous reform that is taking place in the Armed Forces Strengths with the universities of Boston.'

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