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Greek Elections 2023: Mitsotakis' 11-stop road trip to Crete

With a two-day road trip to four prefectures, which were (also) a personal election bet for Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he chooses to open the new cycle of his pre-election tours. With a final horizon of June 25, Mitsotakis places his homeland, Crete, at the starting point of the race.

  • Published in Greece

Greek Elections 2023: SYRIZA - PASOK fighting over Center-Left votes

It may be that the fights in the center-left and the lack of a common step even on two or three top pre-election issues gave points to New Democracy thus contributing to its overwhelming victory, but it seems that there aqre some who continue along these lines as if they did not understand what happened eight days ago .

  • Published in Greece
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