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Miss America has a Greek mom

Her wide, warm smile, was one of the elements that won over judges. Along of course with her beautiful body and beaming face they brought her the crown of Miss America.

Betty Cantrell, a beauty of Greek origin, won the top US beauty pageant, securing along with the crown for a year, a $ 50,000 scholarship.

Betty Cantrell turned 21 years on 1 September. She is of Greek and German descent and her real name is Vasiliki, which she took from her grandmother. Beyond her talent posing gracefully on high-heeled shoes, which is essential to the pageant, like the interpretation of a piece from "Madame Butterfly," for the needs of beauty contest, she also has other talents.

She grew up on a farm and knows how to drive tractors, plowing, sowing, and how to handle a shotgun! She left all that behind her, however, when she took up vocal performance studies. She first appeared in a beauty pageant in 2013, and last year won the title of Miss Georgia and now came the great moment of coronation as Miss America.