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Greek History at your fingertips with POLITISMOS Museum

POLITISMOS Museum of Greek History, a new online history project, is bringing the museum experience into your home. With a 21st century online format, POLITISMOS gives visitors the chance to explore Greek history and culture, from antiquity to modernity, from the comfort of their computer, tablet and even their smartphone.

With a mission to inform, engage and inspire people about the history, culture and influence of Greece, POLITISMOS Museum grew out of a collaboration between colleagues in the US and Greece. The POLITISMOS Museum website and program series are curated by historians, academics, artists and writers from both the US and Greece. Additionally, the members' online magazine, produced by a team of young professionals in Greece, offers an insider look into the country, arts, culture, society, gastronomy, and more.

Politismos, a registered 501C3 nonprofit organization in the U.S., is also proud to announce its Give Back Program. In an effort to support the charitable works of the non-profit organization Desmos in Greece, the Museum will donate $15 from each membership purchased using the code DESMOS16 to the organization. Desmos has been working for the last four years to deliver much needed funds, services and goods within the country. To date, it has successfully raised over $2,100,000, offering support to more than 300,000 short and long term beneficiaries in Greece. Desmos has offices in Athens and Thessaloniki and matches regular and emergency needs with existing, or potential, surplus.

"One of the primary goals of this project is to share with our audience the talent, creativity, and enduring spirit that exists today in Greece. We hope that this project will educate and inspire, as well as connect people to a history – and country - that truly belongs not just to the Greeks, but to the world," said Co-Founders Despina M. Kreatsoulas and Thanos Chinis.