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George Papadopoulos' game in Greece

George Papadopoulos appeared as a "comet" in Athens, invited by head of the Greek mayors conclavium (KEDE) Giorgos Patoulis, and had contacts with almost all the political leadership of Greece.

He even met with the President of the Republic, while everyone believed that he was the man with whom Athens would send messages directly to the US president. The Greek government's man in the White House had been found ... Today the Greek expatriate is burning Trump as he admitted to "under the table" contacts with the Russian authorities, about which he had lied to the FBI. In addition, as he confessed, he tried to obtain information that would hurt Hillary Clinton and favor the American president in his election campaign.

Trump's Staff states that he has never been a real advisor and that his relationship with the US administration was more voluntary.

Desiring to distance himself from Papadopoulos'accusations, Donald Trump said that he was just an unknown volunteer in his campaign.

The young economist George Papadopoulos specializes in energy policy issues and is the son of the former President of the Pan-Macedonian Federation of the United States.

He came to Athens in December 2016 and spoke at the KEDE Conference, noting that "Greece and the United States are and will remain friends and allies." Shortly afterwards, he went to a meal given in his honor by the President of KEDE and attended by PASOK President Fofi Gennimatas, Interior Minister Panos Skourtetis, Thessaloniki Mayor Yannis Boutaris, Central Macedonia Cgovernor Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Archbishop Ieronymos and Metropolitan of Thessaloniki Anthimos. Everyone had believed that he was the key person who would open the doors of the White House and would decisively help with national issues.

During the meal, George Papadopoulos referred to the role that the Church will play in exiting the crisis, but also to relations of the new administration with the current Greek Government. The young Greek-American allegedly said that "it does not matter if the government comes from the Right or the Left, it is important to exit the crisis."

With roots from Thessaloniki, he is the grandson of the well known in Thessaloniki Surgeon George Papadopoulos. On several occassions he was spotted at "Stage Live" club where popular Antonis Remos was appearing, taking selfies to remember his evenings in his home country.

In the coming days, George Papadopoulos who knew very well how to sell himself, also met with the President of main opposition New Democracy Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and had a series of individual meetings with many politicians, including the president of ANEL Panos Kammenos, and also gave interviews to newspapers.

A total of three US president's colleagues are accused of nefarious contacts with Russia. Of these, only Papadopoulos agreed to pleade guilty and cooperate with the federal authorities.