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Greek Americans place “Tsipras is not welcome in New York” posters

The visit of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in New York, marked the occasion of the 73rd UN General Assembly has caused a stir amongst many of the Greek-American community who are strongly against the “Prespa Agreement” allowing FYROM to change their name to “North Macedonia.”

“Alexis Tsipras is not welcome in New York,” is one of the phrases placed on hundreds of posters and flyers that were distributed by some members of the Greek and Greek-American community in the areas of Astoria, Queens and Long Island, which have a huge Greek community and presence. Posters were placed in churches, outside cafes, clubs, and parks, also stating “You Can’t Change History” and “We don’t forget.”

The US Pan-Macedonian Union organized protests against Prime Minister Tsipras and Minister Kotzias signing the “Prespes Agreement” at Times Square and rallied outside the General Consulate of Greece in New York.