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Phos - Greek Light Shines in the Hamptons

Following Colors of Greece 2015 art exhibition at the Muses of the Hamptons, New York, which made a powerful impression by promoting a positive and dynamic image of Modern Greece to the American public, this year's Phos-Light features a fine selection of 45 paintings by 12 recognized contemporary Greek artists inspired by Greece's eternal light – making a great show of Modern Greek art in the United States. The artists are Angelos, Jamal Joratli, Michael Kapsalis, Eleni Parmakeli, George Magiras , Maria Papoutsa, Elias Papanikolaou, Iannis Nikou, Petros Ptochopoulos, George Stathopoulos, Lilian Manolakaki, Chryssa Verghi, Agapi Catzi, Zina Linardaki ,Dimitris Mytaras, Marina Stellatos and the photographer Venia Bechrakis.

IMF insists that Greek debt not sustainable

The IMF on Friday issued an indirect but clear response to Eurogroup president's earlier comments over the sustainability of Greek debt, with Poul Thomsen, the head of the International Monetary Fund's European department saying that Greece cannot deal with its public debt through reforms alone and needs a significant extension of grace periods and longer maturities from its European creditors.

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