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Agia Varvara: Man kills son-in-law in front of his granddaughter

The savage murder that took place last Saturday afternoon (25/02) in an apartment building on Filiki Etairiais Street in Agia Varvara has shocked the local community,after a 69-year-old man shot and killed his 57-year-old son-in-law with a shotgun.

Everyone in the neighborhood where the crime took place remains shocked, since no one could have imagined that the arguments the two men had would take this turn.

The perpetrator, the victim and his wife were all healthcare workers. The 57-year-old, was a well-known urologist and ran a practice in Peristeri, his wife is a microbiologist, while the perpetrator worked for years as an ambulance carrier.

He killed him in front of his granddaughter

According to what has become known, the 69-year-old was waiting for his son-in-law with a rifle in his hands in the yard of the 57-year-old doctor's house. He even did not hesitate to open fire on him in front of his granddaughter, who at that time was returning home with her father.

"I'm a "palikari" I'm going to surrender," the 69-year-old reportedly said immediately after the murder. The 68-year-old wife of the perpetrator was also prosecuted for complicity in the murder, as there is testimony that she shouted from the intercom to her husband the perpetrator "shoot him, shoot him”, as soon as she saw her son-in-law.

What the 69-year-old claims about the killer

The 69-year-old claimed to the police that he was led to the crime because his son-in-law was treating his daughter badly, but this is categorically denied by the son of the perpetrator and brother-in-law of the victim, who is a police officer and was the one who notified Immediate Action about the crime.

As it became known from Police, the perpetrator and the victim lived in the same family house and specifically on the ground floor the in-laws lived on the first floor the daughter with her husband and on the 2nd the policeman's son.

As the police officer testified, on Saturday afternoon his son-in-law, who was a doctor in a hospital, asked him to stay a while with two of his children, because he was going to pick up his daughter from some activity.

On the ground floor, however, there was another fight with the father-in-law and then he left to pick up the child.

When he was returning home, however, the 69-year-old man was waiting for him in the yard and in front of the girl's eyes he shot him twice with the shotgun, fatally injuring him. Immediately after, the perpetrator left on foot with the carbine in his hands and was going to the Police Department to surrender.

 As the son of the perpetrator stated, his parents were obsessed that his sister was not having a good time with the victim, which was not true, but instead the couple had a harmonious relationship without fights and friction.

Against the self-confessed perpetrator, criminal prosecution was brought by the Prosecutor for intentional homicide, carrying a weapon and using a weapon. Prosecution was also brought against the perpetrator's wife, who was also arrested for complicity in the murder.

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