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Mimi Dennisi: The moving "goodbye" to Olympia Doukakis

With a tender post on her Instagram, Mimi Dennisi said goodbye to Olympia Doukaki.

"Our Olympia is gone !!! She left us on a festive day and plunged me into sorrow. What can I say about this woman? Great actress. The only Greek woman with a huge career in America with her own troupe and an Oscar winner. This is the least. "As a person, deeply emotional, moving, funny, unstoppable, active, altruistic", she initially stated in her post.

The revelation about their relationship
And she continued: "There was a support, a counselor, an inspiration for my dear friend. We spent many months together in Cyprus preparing the play for the State Theater in Athens when our beloved Martin Sherman was playing Rose at my Theater. "Asia Minor", originally with parents who left with the catastrophe, was the one who insisted that I write Smyrna and I owe it to her!"

"She then came to our rehearsals at the Theater and wrote to me afterwards. Thank you for bringing me back to my Greek roots. Have a good trip wonderful Greek woman! My only Olympia," she concluded in her post about the Oscar winner, Olympia Doukaki who passed away at the age of 90.

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