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Putin: New nuclear threat in conversation with French President Macron

Once again, Vladimir Putin is putting the nuclear threat on the table, according to international media reporting on his discussion with French President Emmanuel Macron.

According to reports, the Russian president said Hiroshima showed that "you don't have to strike big cities to end a war."

The West has repeatedly blamed the Russian president for threats to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

A "clearly worried" Macron

The Mail on Sunday reported that a French government source noted that Macron's phone call with the Russian president had left him "clearly worried". The same source added that “it sounded like a very heavy hint that Putin could detonate a tactical nuclear weapon in eastern Ukraine, leaving Kyiv intact. That seemed to be the gist of his remarks."

"The two presidents have undoubtedly discussed the risk of using nuclear weapons. "Putin wants to send the message that all options are on the table, according to the Russian doctrine regarding nuclear weapons," the same source told the newspaper.

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