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One in 2 listeners choose streaming services, but don't… pay

The Greek music ecosystem has undergone a radical reformation in recent years, according to the comprehensive study carried out by the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research -IOBE. The study was carried out at the initiative of the technology company Orfium, on the occasion of the monetary award it received for the distinction as "Startup Business of the Year" by Elevate Greece.

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Moody's: How it "sees" Greek banks after the elections

Moody's proceeded with an evaluation of the Greek systemic banks, after the result of the elections of May 21. The key points that Moody's sees in the credit strengths of the banks are the significant reduction in each bank's problem loans, the increase in customer deposits and access to international capital markets, but also the stronger core earnings and the relatively low provisions that support the bottom line of banks' profitability.

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Tsipras: I initially considered resigning after May 21 elex

SYRIZA leader and former prime minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday evening said he initially considered resigning from the party’s helm in the wake of a catastrophic showing by the leftist party (20.1 percent) in the May 21 election, while adding “I didn’t have the right to desert”.

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