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Lavishly Living Fugitive Arrested

A 27 year old posing as a rich "bohemian" playboy has been arrested by police, having been found to be a escaped fugitive from Malandrino prison, and a henchman of Albanian fugitive Alket Rizai.

  • Published in Greece

PASOK Cadre Facing Charges over State Secrets

Former PASOK MP, Mihalis Karhimakis if facing charges of complicity in violating state secret acts, and will face Dimitris Foukas, the prosecutor handling the wire-tapping case, on 8 November.

  • Published in Greece

Stournaras Deadlocked with Deputies over Tax

Finance minister Yannis Stournaras called for New Democracy MPs opposed to the new tax bill, especially the single property tax, with whom he met on Wednesday evening, to put forth any "fiscally neutral" proposals they had for changes.

  • Published in Greece
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