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Champion freeloader Liapis

After the fake license plates he used on his car to avoid paying road taxes and insurance, and the revelation that he received EU funding to complete his “guesthouse/chalet,” yet another scandal comes to light highlighting Mr Liapis' penchant for “thriftiness.”

Now, as it seems according to an article in Ethnos Sunday edition, Mr Liapis managed to register false data concerning the surface area of his chalet, “saving” money on municipal taxes as well as the special tax levied on property owners according to the surface areas of their properties.

Data show that the building has two power counters, both of which are for home consumption and not for industrial power as would have been the case had the premises been used as a guesthouse. Furthermore, the older counter is for a building of 90 square meters, while the second counter, which was set up a year ago, has to do with another 114 square meters, yet these areas existed for twenty years. Both counters are in the name of the former minister's cousin Markos Liapis.

From these facts one can easily understand that for two decades the family avoided paying their just municipal dues, and as of recent the spacial property tax.