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Champion freeloader Liapis

After the fake license plates he used on his car to avoid paying road taxes and insurance, and the revelation that he received EU funding to complete his “guesthouse/chalet,” yet another scandal comes to light highlighting Mr Liapis' penchant for “thriftiness.”

  • Published in Greece

Probation and 3000 euro fine for Liapis

The court decided on a penalty of 4 years in prison commuted to probation and 3 thousand euros in cash for former Minister, Michalis Liapis who was caught driving his car with forged license plates.

  • Published in Greece

Political troubles to the New Year

While Europe is trying to fathom the changes that a third term for Ms Merkel will bring and how it will affect the future of the block, Greece is mired in its own political problems and the gazes of its political personnel are fixed on its proverbial navel, while political legitimacy is in tatters.

  • Published in Greece
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