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Political troubles to the New Year

While Europe is trying to fathom the changes that a third term for Ms Merkel will bring and how it will affect the future of the block, Greece is mired in its own political problems and the gazes of its political personnel are fixed on its proverbial navel, while political legitimacy is in tatters.

After the pointless and basically foreordained issue of the submarines debated in parliament, the political world will be facing a number of thorny issues promising to raise tempers

At the same time, what little credibility has been left for politicians is eroding quickly, as scandals involving politicians keep accruing. After the shocking revelations concerning the incomes and assets of political persons, political credibility is further rocked by the antics of former minister Liapis and his fake license plates, and more revelations of kickbacks.

The issue of mortgage foreclosures is again setting the tones for heated political debate, but had also been a thorn in the government's relations with the troika.

After clearing the air and reaching a preliminary agreement that will see some protection against foreclosures on first homes for 2014, the issue is set to heat up the political foreground once it is set for implementation, since it has not been clarified whether the government intends to go to legislation through parliament, or through a regulatory edict.

The other issue that is weighing heavily in the air is the new tax bill that seeks to find an additional 2.3 billion euros from taxes and make permanent the so-called “extraordinary” property tax issue that aims to raise 2.65 billion.

Market sources decry the new tax scheme, while parliamentarians from within the government block are up in arms about the taxes that have angered their constituencies. A number of deputies from PASOK and New Democracy have either openly stated or have hinted that they will vote against the bill if does not with their agreement.

And all this, while the government is fighting rearguard actions against the troika's intransigence