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Turkish Newspaper Slams Zaroulia

A second Eva Braun is the characterization given to Golden Dawn deputy Eleni Zaroulia, wife of party chief Nikos Mihaloliakos, by Turkish daily Hurriyet.

LePen Takes Distances from Golden Dawn

"They put in the same [extreme right] sack Breivik and Golden Dawn,"stated Marine LePen, leader of French party Front National (FN), trying to distance her party from such phenomena.

Pappas Now facing Inquisitor

Golden Dawn deputy Christos Pappas has been led to courts to give his deposition on charges of joining and leading a criminal organization.

Mihaloliakos Sent to Jail

Golden Dawn leader Nikos Mihaloliakos was remanded to custody at 04.30 am today after a deposition that began at 19.00 the night before.