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Tourism: Sifnos and Naxos top destinations in 2023

Featured Tourism: Sifnos and Naxos top destinations in 2023

The New York Post gives a "vote of confidence" in Greece for holidays in 2023 in its recent extensive article.

As the popular newspaper typically states, "when you dream of the perfect vacation, white sand beaches in a tropical climate, fresh fruit and a rich culture come to mind. Is there a place with all three? We are talking about Greece, which has always been a tourist destination both for its rich culture and for absolute relaxation."

Among the places recommended in the tribute, Sifnos and Naxos stand out, occupying the first two places. Regarding Sifnos which is first on the list, the editorial team states that "if you are looking for the perfect Greek island that has a balance of beautiful beaches, relaxed nightlife, white Cycladic villages, quality tourism and perhaps the best food in the Cyclades, then look no further than Sifnos".

As for Naxos, which takes second place, the paper considers it to be the type of destination that is attractive, not only for those looking for sunlight and nightlife, but also for those who want to experience authentic Greek culture. In addition, in many villages they still wear traditional costumes, weave on old looms and live off the fruits of the land.

The New York Post list is completed by Lesbos, Pelion, Crete, Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos and Santorini.

Regarding the upcoming tourist season, the mayor of Sifnos, Maria Nadali, stated that "the messages we have received so far are very positive. Sifnos is expected to become an attraction for tourists from Greece and abroad. Markets such as France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain show their preference for the Cycladic island of harmony. At the same time, new markets are developing, such as the US."

In the same spirit, the deputy mayor of Naxos and Small Cyclades Tourism, Vangelis Katsaras, added that "a season with high foreign visitors is expected. Today's travelers want something more than the "sun-sea" model. They seek the authentic and want to discover nature and a different culture. Naxos fascinates tourists from Europe, America, Australia, and even Asia, because it hides the whole of Greece."