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Armed robbery at Rolex outlet in central Athens

The armed robbery at a Rolex store that took place on Tuesday morning in the center of Athens has caused a great stir, with the police forces launching a manhunt to locate the perpetrators, but no arrests have been made so far.

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How foreign tourists evaluate Greece's reputation

The "reputation" of Greece in July based on the experience of the destination (accommodation, dining, attractions, etc.) among visitors is showing a slight decrease from 9.0 to 8.9, something that happens internationally - often and to a greater extent - during the peak of the season, as reported by the Institute of Greek Tourism Enterprises federation (SETE)-INSETE.

Athens riding high

On the contrary, Athens maintains its score of 9.0 for four consecutive months. Both Athens and Greece are rated well above the European average (8.5) and among the top five best rated destinations in Europe.

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Athens: Syntagma Square renovation almost done

The revamping and upgrade of the lower side of Syntagma Square by the Municipality of Athens is completed, with the area now accessible to residents and visitors. Almost a year later, the project to widen the lower part of the sidewalk on Filellinon Street, as part of the Great Promenade, created a new more attractive public space as well as a revitalized "facade" for the pedestrian street of Ermou.

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