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One in 10 Americans have used an online dating website

Translation By Lisa Darilis

There is a large number of Americans turning to the internet to meet "their other half." This conclusion is a result of an internet website study performed by the Pew Research Center, a non-partisan, non-advocacy public opinion fact tank, who set out to see just about how many average Americans are participating in on-line dating.

The number isn't specifically very high, as it only reaches 9% of adults, but it is taken seriously in comparison to the 2008 study, where this number was only 3%. In all this, it should be taken into account that there are plenty of instances where the subjects questioned didn't reveal whether or not they created a profile on these sites. As alot of these websites now require a subscription in order to access them, the number of users appear to have increased in the last years.

In terms of what concerns the "registered" users of the on-line dating websites, 66% holds that within this service, they have met a person with whom they started a relationship with, and 23% ended up marrying someone they met from these sites.

This increase in on-line dating can be attributed to the chief reason that the average American has is overwhelmed with a busy schedule, which does not leave them with much time to seek romantic relationships.