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Greek budget sees economy growing by 6.9% this year, 4.5% in 2022

Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikouras on Friday tabled the 2022 state budget to Parliament. The budget envisages a 6.9% growth in the country's GDP this year and a growth rate of 4.5% next year, with 2022 expected to be the year of return to normality. The budget also noted that the Greek economy will recover all of its 2020 losses with the real GDP at the end of 2022 exceeding that of the corresponding period in 2019 by 1.7%.

Promotion of new Greek destinations in European markets (vid)

Targeted actions for the promotion and promotion of new Greek destinations in the markets of Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg were implemented recently by the Hellenic Tourism Organiztion's (EOT) services of Scandinavia and the Netherlands, in the framework of the EOT communication strategy for 2021.

Specifically, the EOT Scandinavian service, as it is emphasized in a relevant announcement, participated as a sponsor / partner in the B2B event "Travel News Market 2021", which took place in a central hotel in Stockholm on November 11.

The purpose of the event, which this year took place for the fifth time after last year's postponement due to a pandemic, was to search for new proposals and tourist products, in popular Scandinavian destinations, such as Greece. It was attended by more than 800 executives of the local tourism market (travel agencies, airlines, TOs, experts, buyers, etc.), local media journalists, as well as representatives of national tourism organizations from 30 countries and 119 international companies in the industry. .

The head of the EOT Scandinavian service, Pavlos Murmas, had meetings with representatives of T.Os Apollo, Trawell, Sembo-Stena Line, Ticket Privatresor and Don Orient Tours, but also with ten new partners and agencies, during which the prospects were discussed. further cooperation, the inclusion of new Greek destinations in their programs and their participation in familiarization trips in Greece within 2022.

Throughout the event, the promotional video "All you want is Greece" was shown, while the Greek pavilion was visited by the Ambassador of Greece to Sweden, Andreas Fryganas, who talked to the attendees about tourism issues.

In addition, the Dutch EOT service, following the online seminars for Halkidiki (April 8), Crete (May 18) and the Ionian Islands (June 8), held a series of new webinars for 185 tour operators in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg , aiming at the strengthening and differentiation of the classic destinations such as Kos and the promotion of alternative tourist destinations, such as Volos-Pelion and Epirus.

The presentations highlighted the diversification of the offered tourism product, the experiences offered to the visitors, the infrastructures of each destination, as well as the proposals of sustainable development, while emphasis was placed on the special forms of tourism, in order to highlight the offered tourist product that creates added value for the country.

In particular, on September 7, a seminar (webinar) was held for Kos with the support of the local Municipality, with the aim of presenting the Deputy Mayor of Tourism, S. Vlachos, the representatives of the Municipality, K. Kantartzis and K. Sourasis, the President of the Wine Producers Association Aegean Islands, M. Triantaphyllopoulou, Al. Zafeiropoulos from the Hoteliers Association of the island and the cycling champion, T. Toumpazi.

On October 5, the webinar was organized for the area of ​​Volos and Pelion with the support of the Municipality of Volos, where G. Papamakarios from the Municipality, the president of the Magnesia Hoteliers Association, G. Zafeiris, spoke about the destination and the opportunities it offers. the special gastronomist, V. Asderakis, as well as P. Charalambous and T. Pantes, representatives of companies activities.

Finally, on November 4, the special webinar for Epirus was held with the support of the Region of Epirus, which was attended by K. Akrivos and V. Igoumenidou on behalf of the Region, the president of the Hotel Owners Association of Ioannina, St. Sioutis, the representative of the activities company A. Papaefthymiou and K. Houmi from the Folklore Museum of Tzoumerka.

The webinars are supported by the special platform of the EOT Service of the Netherlands www.linktogreece.com, which operates as an online space for business meetings while presenting promotional material for destinations, organizations and companies, while in the near future new seminars are planned for the promotion of other Greek destinations. and more alternative forms of tourism.

Opening of "Liberation Memories" art exhibition at Queens College

The Hellenic American Project of Queens College presents the art exhibition "Memories of Liberation". This is a rare type of exhibition featuring works by artists Ioanna-Maria Giakoumaki and Fotini Panagiotopoulou, who created unique works guided by the spirit of liberation and freedom, as well as Professor Nikolaos Alexiou who has taken on the role of curator.

The inauguration is scheduled for the morning of Sunday, November 21, 2021 at 2.00 pm. until 4.00 p.m. and due to the limitations of the pandemic will take place online through the Zoom platform. Those who are interested are invited to register by clicking on: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIpfuCvpzMsH9YLowNF-qmyxHaWvqbDhzXc.

The exhibition, Liberation Memories, as mentioned in the relevant press release, is part of the series of events organized by the Hellenic American Center for Diaspora, HAP, Queens College, throughout the year 2021, commemorating and celebrating the two hundredth anniversary of its inception. Of the Greek Revolution (1821 - 1829).

The Greek Revolution, 200 years later, on the one hand, is a complex international event, and on the other, it remains a multifaceted symbol of freedom. Freedom, not only of enslaved people and lands, but also freedom of thought and spirit. "Whoever collects freely, collects well", declares the forerunner of the Revolution, Rigas Feraios in 1790.

The two artists, Ioanna-Maria Giakoumaki, and Fotini Panagiotopoulou, created works guided by the spirit of liberation and freedom. These are works that are based on historical events, but mainly emphasize objects, heirlooms, and texts of the Revolution. And that makes their work unique.

In the classic epic poem, Aeneid, Virgil quotes a rather enigmatic verse: sunt lacrimae rerum - which in one of the many translations is the tears of things and people.

In the exhibition Memories of Liberation, which we present here, the creative transformations of the things of the Revolution, objects, artifacts, costumes or texts, release a poetic understanding of the verse, lacrimae rerum, and give us the opportunity to imagine with respect, sympathy and understanding things about the Greek Revolution.

A basic material used by the creators is paper of special quality, thin and fragile, from old books - municipal registers of 1940-1950 that were to be recycled. Ioanna-Maria Giakoumaki and Fotini Panagiotopoulou form volumes and shapes, and create embossed or perforated designs.

Also, with the use of paper, surfaces were created, and the simple paper surfaces were transformed into fixed forms that give symbolism. In some works, iron and canvas have been used - gauze with a mixture of other materials, such as powders, gold leaf, and silver, but not because of the necessity of their use, but because as materials they incorporate the essence and the strong message of the works.

The last part of the exhibition presents another dimension of the overall creative work. The pages of the memoirs were transformed with the technique of obscuring poetry, where words or phrases of a document were artistically isolated to create a poem. The rest of the text was decorated and constructed to become a background.

The poems were created by Akrivi Griva, drawn from the writings of General Makrygiannis in his memoirs "Visions and Miracles".

We hope that this exhibition offers new paths of understanding the Greek Revolution, through selected works of art recreated by contemporary artists.