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Turkish sub in Cypriot EEZ

Turkish provocation within Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone continues, as it seems that apart from the two warships, which last week supported the Barbaros research vessel, a Turkish submarine is also within striking distance.


The Turkish submarine has been shadowing Barbaros from the very start, but its presence was not known. Turkey, in this way, wanted to "shield" the presence of Barbaros within the Cypriot EEZ, for completion of investigations being conducted.
Competent military source
told “Philefteros” newspaper that is common practice both by Turkey and other countries, that when frigates or corvettes are on mission, they are always accompanied by a submarine. This as explained, is for better control of areas in which missions are ongoing .

The presence of the Turkish submarine in the area where the Barbaros is researching was confirmed last week by UNFIL ships within Cyprus' EEZ, in the context of a search and rescue mission for the two occupants of a small aircraft that went down.

According to the anti-submarine systems of the ships that responded to calls for help "pinged" Ankara's submarine sailing within Cyprus' EEZ.

Regarding the other two warships accompanying the Barbaros,
they were replaced for refueling purposes and their position in the area was taken over by other warships.