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Largest Orthodox Church opens in Bucharest

The inauguration of the largest Orthodox church in the world took place yesterday in the presence of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

It is a new Cathedral of the Salvation of the People, dedicated to Ascension of Christ and Apostle Andrew in Bucharest.

The construction of the temple began in 2010 and the cost of construction is estimated at 110 million euros.

The new cathedral in Bucharest is five to ten meters higher than the cathedral of Jesus the Savior in Moscow, which to date - at a height of 103 meters - was the tallest cathedral in the world.

At the inauguration, 2,000 believers gathered for the first time in the temple, while several thousand watched from giant screens in the courtyard.

The Temple has the largest church bell in the world, larger than St. Peter's bell in Cologne Cathedral.

The Ecumenical Patriarch will officiate at the consecration of the holy temple. Bartholomew, while on the feast of St. Andrew, on 30 November, the Patriarch Theophilus of Jerusalem will be officiating. In fact, the Romanian Orthodox Church has brought the sacred relic of St. Andrew's hand from Greece for the occasion.