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Turkish President Erdogan: We have our Aegean Sea

Featured Turkish President Erdogan: We have our Aegean Sea

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country had the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea, during a speech at the seaside city of Ordu in the Black Sea.

The Turkish President called on the members of the pro-Kurdish party HDP to live in Northern Iraq where a Kurdish state already existed.

“We do not have Kurdistan, we have our Aegean and our Mediterranean,” Erdogan said while criticising the pro-Kurdish party because, as he said, the party was advocating for a Kurdistan within Turkey.

“What is it [HDP} shamelessly says? Is it saying Kurdistan?”, Erdogan asked and continued: “Is there an area in Turkey called Kurdistan? I will tell you which areas we have. We have our eastern Anatolia, we have our southeastern Anatolia, we have our Black Sea, we have our Mediterranean, we have our central Anatolia, we have our Aegean, we have our Marmara Sea. If you want, go to northern Iraq, there is a Kurdistan there. Go once and for all. Go and live there”, he said, according to a report by the Cyprus News Agency.