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Erdogan: Reference to the Treaty of Sevres-Drilling to start east of Crete

Featured Erdogan: Reference to the Treaty of Sevres-Drilling to start east of Crete

Turkish president Erdogan reiterated his position that after the memorandum of understanding for maritime zones with the Tripoli government, Turkey is able to carry out seismic investigations and drilling east of Crete and south of Castellorizo.

In an interview on the AHaber television channel, the Turkish president implied that Turkey had prevented a corresponding Treaty of Sevres at sea. "We have made it clear that we will not allow unilateral action against Turkey. This is what we said to Mitsotakis and his mission, both myself and my escort at the last NATO summit. They still have specific expectations. We have said that we are doing everything in accordance with international law and we will continue to do so. In the eastern Mediterranean, of course, those who fail to account for Turkey's international law and rights are concerned. Efforts have been made on some plans here. But acting fairly, we threw them into the void. And I will go even further. Here we are talking about the complete overthrow of the Sevres [Treaty]. The step was taken, "said Tayyip Erdogan.

The Turkish president explained that the memorandum with Libya gives him the right to start drilling south of Castellorizo. "Now the northern part of the border here is Turkey, the southern part is Libya. What are these, these are continental shelfs. We can say that here we can do our seismic investigations. And after our seismic investigations we can do drilling here," Erdogan emphasized and pointed to the area south of Castellorizo