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In Turkey, ‘Christians are losing everything they own’

Turkey's Christian minority is once again being put under pressure. In early January 2020, the Syriac Orthodox Abbot Aho Bilecen and two parishioners were arrested in Tur Abdin in southeastern Turkey. They were released from police custody a few days later, but still other Christians have been arrested. Tur Abdin is a former Christian stronghold. Father Slavomir Dadas, chair of the “Initiative Christlicher Orient” (Initiative for the Christian Orient), spoke with Aid to the Church in Need about the plight of Christians in Turkey:

  • Published in Greece

Divergent views on Turkey within the US administration

A statement issued by the US National Security Council (NSC) leaves the impression that once again, the "pillars" of shaping the country's foreign policy are not fully aligned with the burning issue of dealing with Turkey, in particular regarding its - occupational - presence in Syrian territory, with various pretexts.

  • Published in U.S.
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