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Heraklion couple found with trove of illicit antiquities

Featured Heraklion couple found with trove of illicit antiquities

A couple in Heraklion had filled their house with ancient amphorae, vases and various other objects with the prosecution authorities finding them and proceeding to arrests.

According to cretapost, it all started some time ago when police received evidence of the action of the 54-year-old man and his 51-year-old partner in Heraklion.

On Wednesday, police officers decided - after a lengthy investigation - to set up an operation to arrest them.

The authorities proceeded to check their home where they found dozens of ancient objects that they seized while handcuffing the duo of illicit antiquities traders.

During the operation, the following were found and confiscated:

3 large clay amphoras,
2 clay bowls.
3 clay pots,
disc-shaped clay object,
17 handles of clay pots,
2 clay chimneys,
a miniature decanter,
parts of various objects (clay pots, earthenware, clay amphoras, bases, lips, bodies, stone object) of different types and sizes, which fall under the Antiquities Legislation

The preliminary investigation shall be carried out by the Heraklion Security Sub-Department, while the persons arrested and their case file will be brought to the Prosecutor's Office.