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More measures for coronavirus

New measures to curb the increase in coronavirus cases are expected to be taken by the government, as there are thoughts to make the use of the mask mandatory on outside decks ofships.

Paxos: A journey to Poseidon's love nest (vid)

When the god Poseidon used his trident to create a love nest for himself and Amphitrite, he could not know in advance the beauty that the island would exude with this move. And being cut off from southern Corfu may have finally given birth to what he really wanted, but he lost his trident during this effort, which the Paxians found and made their emblem.

Top US Policymakers Mentor Greek-American Students in 5th Annual Heritage America Program

Some of the most prominent current and former US policymakers and opinion leaders met with some of the best and brightest Greek-American students across the country during the 5th Annual Heritage America Program July 8-10, 2020. In all 44 speakers shared with these students, in intimate online discussions, how Hellenic and Orthodox principles and ideals helped them achieve success. This program is hosted every year by the National Hellenic Society (NHS) and Manatos & Manatos.