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Mykonos – Well-known beach bar two-day shutdown for tax violations

A well-known beach restaurant in Mykonos has been shut down for two days by the auditors of the Independent Public Revenue Authority.

The auditors of Authority, according to its competent sources, visited the company, which came under scrutiny due to previous findings of delinquency in the last four years, but also due to questions regarding taxes owed and obligations.

During the on-site inspection, it was found that the specific company had not issued receipts for 45 sets of umbrellas-sunbeds, with rental prices of 35 and 45 euros / set, with a total value of 1,675 euros.

The company tried to justify itself by saying that it had printed… order vouchers (which are allowed to be issued before the receipt only for catering products) and that it would print the receipts upon the departure of the customers.

Migration Minister: We will not let our islands experience what they have experienced since 2015

"Turkey allowed, in violation of its obligations, according to the 2016 joint statement, a boat with thirteen people to start from Turkish territorial waters. It did not rescue the passengers in the Turkish territorial waters and the Greek Coast Guard, which puts the protection of human life first, was forced to enter Turkish territorial waters in order to rescue ten people and, unfortunately, according to the information, three more people are still missing in Turkish territorial waters. Until I came to the Parliament, I was not informed that Turkey has responded to this incident," Minister of Migration and Asylum Notis Mitarachi said on Friday in parliament.