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Greece needs Turkish tourists

Greek-Turkish relations are often disrupted, but there are also ties that are not affected by the political "thermometer".

The Turks, as research shows, appreciate Greece and have it high on the lists of top destinations. Specifically, Turkish tourists refer to Greece as an ideal destination forSun, Sea and City Break "products" .

What are the places most visited by Turkish tourists? These are Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, the islands of the North Aegean and Attica. Nevertheless, due to travel restrictions, Turkish visitors will have to wait a little longer to visit Greece.

Why are Turkish tourists necessary for Greece

The Turks may not have the largest number of nights in Greece, but they have a feature that makes them "champions".

A study by INSETE shows that in terms of total incoming tourism in Greece, Turkey is in 18th place, however Greece is the Top destination for Turkish tourists. In 2019, 24% of Turkish tourists' expenses in Greece were spent during Q2 and 44% during Q3. Also, in 2019, 22% of Turkish arrivals in Greece were in Q2 and 45% in Q3, while 25% of overnight stays were in Q2 and 48% in Q3. The Top 3 destinations for Turks are Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, the islands of the North Aegean and Attica!

What is particularly interesting is that especially in terms of incoming road tourism in Greece in 2019, Turkey was in 5th place. In 2019, 62% of arrivals, 51% of overnight stays and 52% of incoming tourism revenues from Turkey came from road tourism. It is noteworthy, in fact, that although the average length of stay in our country does not exceed 4 days compared to e.g. the 6 and 8 days of the Romanians and the Serbs, when it comes time to talk about spending, the Turks are champions.

In fact, the difference is seen when the comparison is made in terms of average expenditure per night and there the Turkish visitors are by far the first, with 82 euros.

However, Turkey ranks 13th in the world in terms of coronavirus, with 199,906 recorded cases and 5,131 recorded deaths from pandemics. So Turkish tourists will have to wait a bit before they visit.

Flight from Hannover inaugurates tourist season for Heraklion; over 4,000 tourists expected to arrive on Wednesday

Α flight from Hannover on Wednesday morning inaugurated the tourist season for the city of Heraklion, Crete, after the re-opening of Nikos Kazantzakis airport to international flights. The reception of the first aeroplane was held, according to the tradition with a water arch and a small event in the presence of the local authorities that welcomed the first visitors with music and treats.