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World Tourism Organisation opens its digital library

The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) web service offers a wide range of research studies and information concerning the field of tourism and is available to the member states of the Organisation and to any interested party. Topics cover sustainable development, ecotourism, tourism statistics, market research, innovation, as well as new technologies and tourism policies.

The site can be reached here.

Migrants evacuated from Turkish side of the Evros border

Developments on the front of the migrant in Evros, as it was reported that the migrants' camp opposite the Chestnuts was evacuated at dawn.

According to military sources, the Turks removed about 1,500 immigrants who had been camping at the border in recent weeks and at times trying to cross the fence and enter Greek territory.

Fire in Thessaloniki claims the life of elderly man

The fire that broke out early in the morning on a fifth floor apartment in Thessaloniki had a tragic end.

According to the fire department, the firefighters found an elderly man charred in the apartment and found his wife unconscious.

The 24 fire fighters and ten vehicles were able to put the fire out, but not before the elderly man had expired.

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