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Greece Modernizes Cruising Boat Protocols

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After months of contention concerning the newly introduced Greek circulation tax, the nation's government has implemented two alterations that decreased port fees.

Prior to August 1st, the Hellenic Coast Guard charged boats a daily entry fee and docking charge, on boats anchored at Greek harbors. Docking fees now are to be paid to local or municipal authorities, while daily entry fees have been eliminated. Larger stays of one month or longer have been set at a reduced fee, if paid for in advance.

The Cruising Association's Jim Baerselman described on its website, "The old system of hunting down a port police office hidden in some tiny back street was very unpopular, both with the port police, and for visitors. The net result was that large numbers of cruising folk just didn't pay, and there has been very limited investment in quayside facilities."

Baerselman added, "Dropping the entry fee is welcome. And if collection agents now come to the boat, far more people will happily pay harbor dues. Genuine agents will offer a tax receipt."

Britain's Cruising Association representative further commented, "From now on, visits to the port police will be only be required (1) on entering the country, or (2) once a year after that to have your DEKPA or transit log (Greek cruising papers) checked for the new Circulation tax (TPP) payments. This is the controversial tax which came into force in January this year but there is still no indication if or when TPP collection will start."