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Moody's Raises Greek Ratings

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Moody's global credit rating firm upgraded Greece regarding twenty notes, while confirming one and analyzing another for an improved grade, concerning nine Hellenic structured finance transactions.

Moody's announced, "follows Moody's raising of its country ceiling on Greece to Ba3 from B3 and its upgrade of Greece's sovereign rating to Caa1 from Caa3".  The renowned credit agency also stated that is had adjusted three transaction's portfolio beliefs, while it also reanalyzed collateral conduct.

Greece's country ceiling was increased to Ba3, due to its recent economic strides regarding its fiscal standing, its interest reductions and extended debt maturities.

Moody's upgrades concerned notes administered by KION Mortgage Finance Plc, Grifonas Finance No. 1 Plc, EPIHIRO Plc, Estia Mortgage Finance II Plc, Titlos Plc, Themeleion II, Themeleion III, Themeleion IV Mortgage Finance Plc, and Themeleion Mortgage Finance PLc.