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Enterprise Greece Attends Septembers's World Economic Forum

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This year's World Economic Forum is set to take place in Tianjin, China and will be attended by Enterprise Greece.

The yearly meeting will occur on September 10th to 12th, and strives to promote the future of both society and businesses. More than 1,500 premiers from the government, private, media, civil society and academic sectors from more than 90 nations, are expected to participate in this year's Forum, that aims to promote innovation for all.

Enterprise Greece CEO Stephanos Issaias will preside over the organization's members during the Forum, which is made up of leading Hellenic firm representatives.

Issaias commented on Greece's participation at the World Ecnomic Forum, "Greece is rebounding quickly, and is returing to the global economic stage to attract Foreign Direct Investment to the key sectors of the economy, all of which have great growth potential. Our presence in this very important forum will serve to highlight the progress of the Greek economy and the great opportunities which exist for foreign investors and businesses in our country", as stated on Enterprise Greece's website.