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Greek Trade Deficit Rises 7.4%

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ELSTAT just released statistics concerning Greece's trade deficit, that increased to 1.731 billion euros in June, compared to last June's 1.613 billion euro figure, marking a 7.4% rise.

Its analysis also stated that trade deficit enlarged by 32.6% the same month, with the omission of oil products. June imports increased 9.7% and amounted to 4.189 billion euros, compared to 2013's 3.820 billion euro figure. Without the inclusion of oil products the amount rose by 14.9%.

The value of export-deliveries totaled 2.457 billion euros in the same timeframe, compared to last year's 2.207 billion euros, that marked a 11.3% rise. Without oil, the amount declined by 0.8%.

For the first six months of 2014, imports finalized at 23.741 billion euros, in comparison to 2013's 23.451 billion euros. This marked a 1.2% rise; the figure increased by 8.9% when omitting oil figures.

Exports amounted to 13.127 billion euros for the first six months of the year, that marked a 4.6% decrease from last year; without oil items export values dropped by 4.0%.

The Greek trade deficit increased by 9.6% within the first six months of the year to 10.614 billion euros. Without oil figures, the trade deficit soared to 25.3%.