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Germans question Greek fiscal gap

Where does the fiscal gap in Greece stand? Which of the estimates is correct? Is it that of the Greek side or that of the Troika? Suspicion lies in the nebulous middle ground.

The fact that something is wrong in Greece is demonstrated by the murky landscape around the exact amount of the fiscal gap, writes an article in Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung titled "Greece and debt: Money against reforms?"

"Nine hundred million is heard timidly from Athens. More than double, i.e. 2 billion, estimates the Troika. Who can you believe," asks the German newspaper." Logically, Athens must know the answer. But the suspicion is justified in Greece, since with economics there is a, let's say, loose relationship with the truth...", says the newspaper.

For years the EU financially supported Greece in exchange for reforms. Despite these reactions, however, the reforms are bearing fruit. For the first time a slight growth has been recorded. Even tourism, which contributes about 20% to GDP, is going from good to better.

The Greek government is now calling for a relaxation of austerity, even a haircut. But the Troika wishes to remain right on course. Because austerity is the only way. Only then will Greece be able to escape from the support of the creditors, Osnabrück newspaper concludes.